Chain Link Fence Inserts

Eastern Fence Products are extruded from High Density Polythylene (HDPE), color pigments and ultra violet (UV) inhibitors, specifically designed to retard the harmful effects of the Sun and lengthen the life of the product. The only exceptions are Winged Slats which also include Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which is a softer plastic to keep wings flexible and resilient.

Eastern Fence Products are resistant to: severe weather conditions, salt water, sand, road dirt, most acids, alcohol, alkaline, ammonia, petroleum distillates, and common environmental pollutants.


Top Locking Slats

This slat provides an economical and attractive way to enhance any chain link fence. The locking system is located near the top of the slats to ensure a clean, straight edge along the top of the fence. 


Winged Slats

When you need increased privacy, Winged Slats are the answer. With the proven quality and durability or our standard slats plus unique 'wings' for extra screening and security, these slats are self locking -- no channels needed!


Eastern Hedge

Eastern Hedge creates a natural hedge look on a chain link fence, which requires no maintenance, water or trimming.


Design: Top-Locking Slats are flat and tubular in shape, with circular, notched holes located near the top of the slat.

Fast & Easy Installation: Simply insert the slats vertically from the top to bottom, keeping the locking holes on top. Then thread the flexible locking channel horizontally through the notched holes in the slats. These holes are elliptical to ensure they always stay open for fast and easy threading.

Standard Heights: 4ft., 5ft., 6ft., 8ft.

Slat Length: 2' shorter than the overall height of the fence.

Flexible, Top Locking Channel: Also available on a continuous 200 ft. reel for larger jobs.

Wind Load and Privacy Factor: Approximately 75%.


Unique Patented Design: Includes a rigid, flat tubular body, with 'legs' inside for extra support. Flexible and resilient wing portions are positioned on each side of the slat body. Serrations are added to the wings for easier installation and locking power.

Installation: Insert the slats vertically into the fence, from top to bottom, no tools are necessary. That's it! The serrated wings grip the knuckles of the wire mesh, securing the slat in the fence.

Standard Heights: 4ft., 5ft., 6ft., 8ft. For heights exceeding 7ft., we recommend using two half sizes (i.e. for 10ft. fence use two 5ft. slats.) This will help during installation.

Slat Length: 2' shorter than the overall height of the fence.

Wind Load and Privacy Factor: Approximately 90%.


Design: Core is made with 16-gauge braided wire. The 'needles' are made with 3-mil PVC.

Installation: Requires no locking device or tools. Eastern Hedge installs much like our winged slats.

Standard Heights: 4ft., 5ft., 6ft., 8ft.

Fence Size: For most mesh sizes. Not intended for use with mini-mesh wire.

Coverage: Approx. 5 linear feet per box.

UV stabilized to protect against the harmful rays of the Sun.

Flame retardant.

10 Year pro rated warranty.

Blue Spruce type colored PVC needles.